Riedell Instructional and Crossover Figure Skate Series

Riedell Figure Skates Instructional and Crossover Series
Riedell Figure Skates Instructional and Crossover SeriesRiedell Figure Skates Instructional and Crossover Series
Riedell's Instructional Figure Skate series is designed for figure skaters who wish to advance their skating skills into testing and / or competition.

Riedell instructional figure skates feature enhanced padding to provide improved comfort through hours of figure skate practice. As you move up in skill level, stronger support and higher quality blades correspond to the figure skating jumps and moves of an advancing skater.

Riedell has redesigned its skate line-up with 11 new boot and feature designs and restyled favorites so you can enjoy the thrill of the ice like never before.

The new Lightweight figure skate boots provide a perfect balance of lower weight and performance, with an added dash of style. The lower cut back enhances the toe point. Riedell skates are designed in Red Wing, Minnesota by master boot-makers who carefully choose the finest materials for stunning combinations of beauty and performance. Each boot offers ultra-sensitive heat activated reinforcement to ensure you have the best in customized fit, comfort and support.