Legal Stuff

We regret that we have to post this kind of thing, but it has become a business necessity in today's society.

Skating is a sport. As with any sport, injuries, including catastrophic injury are possible. You should wear proper protective gear at all times, appropriate to the type of skating you are attempting. If you are unsure of what type of protection you should be wearing, do research before you skate. There are many good books available on each sport and many good resources available on the internet or consult a qualified coach. Use common sense. Skate within your ability. If you are new to skating, sign up for lessons at your local skating center or work with a qualified skating coach. You are expressly responsible for the use of any product designed for aerial maneuvers or tricks including, but not limited to aggressive skates, jam skates and skateboards.

You should have your skates checked by a competent skate mechanic before you use them the first time. Most skates and boards are assembled by the factory or distributors. Because skate settings are a personal preference, we do no attempt to make any adjustments to either roller chassis, board trucks or blade adjusments. We ship ice skates with a temporary blade mounting so that you can adjust them to your skating preference. You need to follow the manufacturer's instructions as to permanent mounting of your blades. You should be aware that parts may become loose due to vibration in shipping and during use. You should check your skates or boards before every use. Blade, plate or truck mountings frequently become loose as a result of use. Moving parts wear and must be maintained. You are expressly responsible for the maintenance and replacement of parts worn by "grinding" inluding but not limited to skateboard decks, trucks and wheels. Replace any parts when they are worn. If you are unsure, consult a competent skate mechanic.

Under no circumstances can 360 Marketing LLC be held accountable for any injury which occurs while using equipment purchased from If you are unwilling to accept this limitation of liability please do not purchase skating products from us.

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