Riedell Jam Skates

Riedell Jam Skates
Riedell Jam Skates are the skates of Team Riedell! Everyone knows Riedell boot quality. 60 years of hand-building skate boots is the proof.

Today's Riedell Jam Skates are paired with Riedell's own PowerDyne roller skate plate line. They are strong, light, GREAT looking and FAR less expensive than the Italian imported plates.

To complete the package you get technologically advanced Radar wheels and fast, smooth Kwik bearings.

Riedell Width Information
Alpha is orignal 248D last.
Beta is 395D last.
Gamma is 965D/B last.
Delta is 965B/AA last.

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Riedell 395 Quest Jam Skates
Riedell 951 Phaze Jam Skates<BR> (Custom Colors)
Riedell 395 Quest Jam Skates

Retail: $575.00
Sale: $575.00
Riedell 951 Phaze Jam Skates
(Custom Colors)

Retail: $799.00
Sale: $799.00