Riedell Roller Skates

Riedell Roller Skates
Riedell roller skates have been the first choice of roller skaters for 60 years. We carry every Riedell roller skate model at the best prices - FREE GROUND SHIPPING on all Riedell Roller Skates! Continental US only.

Riedell skates are designed in Red Wing, Minnesota by master boot-makers who carefully choose the finest materials for stunning combinations of beauty and performance. Each boot offers ultra-sensitive heat activated reinforcement to ensure you have the best in customized fit, comfort and support.

Riedell Width Information
Alpha is orignal 248D last.
Beta is 395D last.
Gamma is 965D/B last.
Delta is 965B/AA last.

Now - You can customize your Riedell Roller Skates to the color scheme of your choice with Riedell's exclusive ColorLab. The combination of colors is limited only by your imagination. For a demonstration visit the ColorLab Link.

To order Custom Colorlab colors for certain Riedell Boots, please follow the instructions at the Skatebuys Colorlab Ordering Page